CMH is a great place to work. Take it from our providers.

Pain Management

"It is so refreshing to work at an institution which still embraces the goal of putting patient care and the community first, and to have an administration which is so unbelievably supportive in helping to achieve these goals." - Dr. Martin Tyson

"I am proud to work for an institution that truly has patient care as its central focus." - Dr. Brent Bartgis

"CMH has a cohesive medical staff that interacts as a family. CMH's administrative team is constantly striving to give our physicians state-of-the-art equipment that in turn translates to state-of-the-art care. Ideal location between big city and outdoors." - Dr. Wayne Wolf


  • CMH is committed to providing great patient care.
  • CMH values its physicians.
  • CMH has a collegial physician staff.
  • CMH is a progressive and growing institution.
  • CMH offers nationally competitive salary and benefits.
  • CMH is located within a short distance from several nursing programs.
  • The cost of living in southwest Missouri is lower than national average.
  • CMH is well positioned for the future because it provides a full range of services for patients.