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CMH uses a credentialing process for sales and service representatives of vendor organizations to manage access to our facilities. 

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This is done to protect our patients, our organization and our business partners as we seek to comply with various regulations.

Existing and potential vendors are required to register online, using a centralized system. There is a fee associated with registering. For additional assistance with the vendor registration process, please visit VendorMate's website.

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The purpose of these Guidelines is to articulate Citizens Memorial Healthcare’s expectations of Vendors in their interactions with Citizens Memorial Healthcare.

Manufacturers, providers and suppliers of health care products and services frequently cultivate relationships with Staff Members and Providers in a position to generate business through a variety of practices, including gifts, entertainment and personal services compensation arrangements. These activities have a high potential for fraud and abuse. Any transaction that implies a link between gifts or donations and Vendor selection must be discontinued.

Citizens Memorial Healthcare strives to “Be the first choice for customer focused healthcare to every generation” and therefore, is committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards. Citizens Memorial Healthcare is committed to assisting its Vendors to comply with these standards, Citizens Memorial Healthcare Policy & Procedure, and any and all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

Vendor – A Vendor for the purposes of these Guidelines is defined as an entity doing or seeking to do business with Citizens Memorial Healthcare

Vendor Representative – A Vendor Representative is someone who works for a company who sells products or services that provides or seeks to provide goods or services to Citizens Memorial Healthcare

Staff Member – All employees of Citizens Memorial Hospital/Citizens Memorial Healthcare including employed physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants, or any other employed patient care provider

Provider – All physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or any other patient care provider that may not be employed by CMH, but are providing patient-care and/or are members of the Medical Staff of CMH.

Citizens Memorial Healthcare – Citizens Memorial Hospital, the CMH Surgical Services, CMH Clinics, CMH Home Medical Equipment, CMH LTC Facilities, and CMH Home care and Hospice.